About Us


Hi, I'm Marilie!

I'm the Owner and Founder of Organized Neatly Box. A seasonal subscription featuring 6-8 full-size high-quality and functional organizers and home decors. As a minimalist, finding a balance between less and more is very important to me. It starts with finding items that are 2-in-1 or multi-purpose and can be used year-round to eliminate the need for additional storage. Thus, saving money!

When my family moved into a 4-bedroom/ 3-bathroom clean slate house from a small apartment in the summer of 2017, I didn't know where to start. Organize? Decorate? The ample space is waiting for furniture, organizers, home decors, and accessories to make it a home. But I want to plan what items I'd welcome in every room. That's when I knew that I'd have to start finding pieces that I can use year-round as many different ways as possible.

I created Organized Neatly Box with a mission: to inspire women to create a beautifully organized home every season and that having a minimalist home inspired is possible without losing one's style. To make it easy for every woman to update the look of their home with high-quality and functional organizers and home decors and to make it easy for them to give a box to a friend or a family member on special occasions or whenever they feel like giving.

Because sometimes creating a beautifully organized home every season starts with a subscription box delivered right to your doorstep.

Along with running Organized Neatly Box, I also run Organized Neatly blog where I share organizing and decorating tips, ideas, and inspiration alongside DIY project tutorials. I'm a fur mom to Chase (my almost 7-year old Shih Tzu) living in Jacksonville, FL. With my background in operations, human resources, and sales and marketing, I'm well aware of ways of creating amazing experiences to customers. I'm thrilled to share all of this inspiration with you through Organized Neatly Box.